By: Danielle Taylor and Anna Bostic

1. Where in the brain is it located?
It is attatched to the rear of the brainstem.
external image 02cerebellum.jpg

2. What is its function?
It controls vountary movements and balance. The cerebellum plays a role in governing emotions, hearing, and touch. It also controls memories for different body uses and makes it possible to smoothly engage in tasks such as running or writing.

external image 18008.jpg

3. What could happen if it no longer worked properly?
You would have less coordination and balace. Also, you would lose some of your memory to do body functions (such as playing guitar).

external image MI0876.JPG

4. At least 3 interesting facts about this part.
- Cerebellum is Latin for "little brain".
- It looks like an extra minibrain.
- It has more neurons than all other brain structures.
external image 175_image.jpg

Thinking about Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behavior, pg. 19