The Cerebellum

1-) Where in the brain is the cerebellum located?02cerebellum.jpg
In the hindbrain area. It is next to the brain stem, and locate above the spinal cord. 
2-) What is the function?The function of the cerebellum is to control motor movement control, balance, equillibrium, and muscle tone.
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3-) What could happen if the cerebellum didn't work properly?
If the cerebellum were damaged or disturbed it could mess up balance; have a wide stance and walk with a shuffle; nystagmus; subconscious, automatic movements are reduced or lost.
external image CerebellarActivityComparison21.jpg

4-) At least 3 interesting facts
a. Children with reduced cerebellar function must will actions
b. Cerebellum contains 1/2 of all the neurons in the brain, but only occupies 10% of the brain
c. THC affects the cerebellum, by slowing down motor skills.
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